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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I know Trust Auto Group is a reliable firm that will deliver on its promise to
get me the best price on my new car without any hassles?
The proof is in the pudding! Over 99% of our clients have told us, through our surveys, that they were satisfied with our service and would refer their friends and family to us.Our membership with the Better Business Bureau signifies our strong commitment to provide our clients with the very best customer service possible.
2. How much does Trust Auto Group charge for its auto agent service? 
Typically, the more expensive the vehicle, the greater savings Trust Auto Group can attain for its client. As such, we do not use a flat-fee structure because that may or may not provide a fair and reasonable value to our clients. By using a sliding scale to establish our fee, our fee is always proportionate to the value and savings we bring to our clients.
3.How is my new vehicle's factory warranty affected by Trust Auto Group's involvement in the vehicle transaction? 
Simply put, it's not. Since your vehicle is supplied directly by an automobile dealer, the title transfers directly from the dealership to you.Some of Trust Auto Group's competitors actually purchase the car from the dealer, and then resell the vehicle to the consumer. They do this to conceal their profit in the transaction (since the consumer never knows how much the auto broker paid the dealer). The problem with this scenario (other than the obvious lack of disclosure) is that the broker becomes the original owner of the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, the factory warranty may limit the coverage of subsequent owners, such as yourself.
With Trust Auto Group, you never run this risk.
4. Can I take advantage of the cash rebates and low-interest rates being offered by the manufacturers if I buy or lease my new vehicle through Trust Auto Group?  
Absolutely! In fact, in addition to the "consumer" incentives, which are advertised to the public, there are often "dealer" incentives that are not advertised.
As"fleet"agents, Trust Auto Group can secure these incentives for the benefit of our clients. Our clients receive not only the incentives they know about, but often, the incentives they don't.
5. Can Trust Auto Group factory-order my new vehicle?  
Yes. By utilizing our extensive dealer network, we can order most vehicles directly from the factory built to your exact specifications. Quite often, factory-ordering your vehicle is the least expensive method of acquisition.
6. Does Trust Auto Group handle trade-in vehicles? 
Yes, Trust Auto Group will purchase your trade -in with top price otherwise negotiate the value of your trade-in with used retail and wholesale dealers who have strong business relationship with Trust Auto Group. By combining our numerous years of automotive experience with our extensive used car data resources, we can assure our clients maximum trade-in value.
7. What is Trust Auto Group agent’s “privacy” policy? 
We do NOT sell, share or distribute the personal information that we collect from our clients. This information is used solely for the purposes of assisting our clients with the acquisition of their new vehicles.
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